Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seeing double

Where to begin?

August 31, 2011 I decided to take a pregnancy test. I, of course, hoped for good news, but knew it would be a waste of a test. It was about a week or so too early to know anything. About 3-4 days too early, even for the EARLY results kind. Anyway, there it was. Positive as can be:)

(Or course, I took two)
That should have been a clue!

I went to the doctor and had levels drawn. The assumption was that I'd start the usual progesterone supplements right away. Not only were they fine, they were a little higher than usual.


At this point we were just so happy to be expecting our third little miracle. As a bonus, we were relieved to have good news when the labs called, not more meds!

September 20, 2011 We went for our 6 week ultrasound to confirm viability. As soon as the tech pulled up the picture on the screen, I yelled "there's two!" I new right away. I only saw two gestational sacs, but thankfully there were also two babies with two heartbeats!
(that was the 7 week ultrasound above)
The next few days were a blur really. We would normally have waited longer to tell people, but we were in such shock, we couldn't keep the news to ourselves. We shared the news with parents, family, a few close friends. Some of the reactions we got were priceless.

Baby A above, baby B belowTWO heartbeats!

I was told by a few moms of twins to start taking belly pictures weekly once I started showing. I took pictures about once a month, sometimes twice, during my previous pregnancies. I honestly didn't believe anyone could tell a difference in just seven days. Well, I was wrong! I can't believe how quickly things progess with two! It's been such a wild ride so far!

I only wish I would have been a little more consistent with the pictures (same distance away, facing same direction, etc). I also wish I had had Stephen take them:) But I could never remember when he was home, so this will have to do!

12 weeks

14 weeks
16 weeks
17 weeks

Catching up on 2011: HARPER'S FIRST BIRTHDAY!!!

Harper has been a firecracker from day one! She keeps us on our toes! She is the most smiley baby I've ever met in my life. She's passionate about everything...haha Her expressions, emotions, everything about her is just intense! You'd have to meet her to understand, but we simply cannot imagine life without her.

When we first got pregnant with Harper, we were cautioned that this might not end up being a viable pregnancy. My health issues and dangerously low hormone levels did not indicate a healthy pregnancy. We started praying for this precious little one right away, and Stephen said immediately that it would be another perfect girl. Well, he was right!

Harper loves her big sister and has (so far) reached every milestone much earlier than her big sister. She's just trying to keep up!

We loved getting to celebrate our sweet Harper with family and friends. The pictures say it all. Enjoy!

Not loving the hair clip!

Ella helping me make the tissue puffs

Harper and Jack being sweet:)

Dig in, girl!

Catching up on 2011: vacation

I filled my last memory card up over the holidays, and now I am forced to transfer and back up all our pictures from the past several months! Seems like a good time to catch up on blogging.

Here goes!

We took our first real family vacation with kids this year. We have been on short day trips and to visit family, but not an actual vacation. It was very hectic and lots more work than I anticipated, but well worth it. It was a blast to watch the girls experience the beach for the first time!

Thankfully, Harper had the walking thing down to perfection. I think that made it easier. I can't imagine having a crawler on the beach or even at the pools. She had been going through a fear-of-grass stage so it took her a little while to get adjusted to sand as well.

Some of our favorite pictures:

Ella viewing the ocean for the first time (not including the time she was 10 months old)
Ready for a week of fun!

Eating sand...
Just lounging!

Hanging out at the baby pool

Visiting Uncle Bryan, Leigh, and Seamus in Charleston!

A few pictures our last night
Harper's first birthday was the last day/day we drove back home. We had a mini celebration the night before.
"It's her party, and she'll cry if she wants to"...I think she was upset to have icing all over her hands
Birthday princess on our way home:)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

carefree days of summer

I will never figure out how people find the time to blog daily or even weekly! I blinked and the summer had come and gone. So here I am again, playing catch up. Here are some highlights of things we like to do in the summer!

Playing at the park:

In July, we took Ella to see her first movie at the theater, the Winnie the Pooh movie, of course. She talked through most of it and wiggled through all of it, but so did the rest of the theater full of little ones! She still talks about it.
Water parks and splash pads:

Riding on the tractor with Poppy:The pool!